Healing Humour — Irony Saves Lives

It’s an established medical fact that laughter stimulates the body’s immune system and promotes faster healing.  However, the latest Toon technology from the cartoon world is taking the concept one step further.  (See previous articles for details of the licensing of cartoon technology into the non-Toon world.)

“Many cartoon characters can simply walk away from really serious accidents,” explains Professor Pat Pending of the Toon Medical Institute.  “The key to this is making sure that the accident itself is comic in nature.  We’ve noticed a direct correlation between the seriousness of the accident, how funny it is, and the survivability.  If we can just add an element of last-second humour — or even irony — to everyday accidents, we believe we can save lives.

“For example, saying ‘Great driving weather, isn’t it?’ to an imaginary camera at the moment you become involved in a serious pile-up could mean the difference between serious injury and simply dusting yourself down.  We could even replace the unpleasant traditional car horn noise with either a raspberry or a fart.  It would have the additional benefit of making traffic snarl-ups more amusing, thus relieving stress.  This would have longer-term benefits on reducing stress-related illnesses like heart disease.”


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