Riding Shotgun

“Shotgun!” shouted Zoe as we headed for the SUV.  I looked at her, mystified.  “Whoever shouts ‘shotgun’ first gets to sit in the front seat,” she explained.

“Okay, you won fair and square,” I said.  Delighted, she skipped to the car and clambered into the front.  I sat in the back and fastened my seatbelt.

Shannon came out with her mandatory cup of coffee and got into the driver’s seat.  “What the hell are you doing in there whilst Mark’s in the back?”

“I said ‘shotgun’ first, so I get to sit here.”

“It’s adults only in the front seat, so Mark goes in the front seat.  Come on, get back there.”

Zoe did as she was told and joined me on the back seat.  “Go on, you have the front seat now,” she said.

“It’s adults-only in the front seat, Zoe,” I said.  “Do you really think I’m an adult?”

“No,” she replied without hesitating.  I held up my hand and she gave me a ‘five’, laughing.

Shannon glared back at me through her sunglasses.  “You,” she said.  “You’re impossible.”


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