An Unsettling Quiet on the London Underground

It was eerily quiet on the Tube home tonight, and I had a seat on each of the three trains I took — this was at the rush-hour peak.  The Northern Line platform at Bank was emptied of the usual, heaving crowds I’ve been contending with ever since the Waterloo and City Line was closed for maintenance.  Normally one can barely squeeze down it, but this evening one could have sprinted because there wasn’t even a full line of passengers at the edge.  Perhaps people heard the news this morning and stayed at home, remembering the long walks home last summer on the 7th and 21st of July — afternoons where thousands of strangers walked together, bound by sadness.  I know many of us are simply waiting for the next attack on London’s soft underbelly… and somewhere there’s a group of misguided youths, dreaming of ‘glorious’ martyrdom.


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