Terrorism Latest — Government Clamps Down on Cocktail Bars

Police raided premises in several areas of London last night.  “Intelligence indicated that people at these addresses were mixing dangerous hydrocarbon liquids,” said a spokesperson for Scotland Yard.  “Our investigations are focusing on the notorious postcodes of SW1, W1 and E1.  The suspects conformed to the usual racial stereotype: they were mostly in their early twenties and mainly white in origin.  All were born in Britain.”

“What is particularly sick about these places of worship is that the young people are drawn in by so-called ‘happy hours’,” said the spokesperson.  “Young people are targeted particularly hard on Friday and Saturday nights, when they are likely to be feeling lonely and perhaps exhausted after a week at work, making them more vulnerable to peer pressure.  Once in the premises, it’s very easy for these people to come under the influence.  They are made to feel part of a crowd and brainwashed with loud music.  They are encouraged to mix volatile liquids, with potentially explosive results.  The contents of these ‘drinks’ can be made to taste sweet in order to avoid detection, whereas conventional drinks often have a bitter taste.”


One Response to Terrorism Latest — Government Clamps Down on Cocktail Bars

  1. Robert says:


    I think the problem is the increasing sophistication of the threat. In the days when people were only mixing barley, hops and water you knew what the threat was and how it could be coped with.

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