Gordon Brown’s Candid Interview

June 20, 2009

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is all over the news this morning due to his frank interview in today’s Guardian. Apparently he wants to go into teaching after he leaves office. Not for him the high-flying job in charge of the World Bank he was apparently offered a few years ago. Not for him the dazzling array of high-profile international advisory roles of predecessor Tony Blair. Indeed, Gordy even goes on to say that he would happily give up the trappings of power. The poor man says that he’s been hurt by the personal attacks on him. How easily he sweeps away the personal attacks on others; most notably the Damian McBride affair earlier this year.

Am I being too cynical when I see this as yet another attempt by this unelected buffoon to ingratiate himself with the public? “Give me a chance,” is the whining undertone. “I’m not enjoying this. I’m only doing it because no one else wants the job, or is even up to it.” Don’t be taken in. This man spent ten years as Chancellor undermining Blair, finally ousting him in a coup. He wanted this job more than anything else in his life.

And how genuine is his claim that he’d like to teach? Think about it: what, exactly, is the man qualified to teach? He’s got a PhD in History. Here’s his thesis title: The Labour Party and Political Change in Scotland 1918-29. You’d not be far wrong if you were to accuse him of being up his own arse, then. Given that it was his economic policies that got us into this mess, you would have to presume that teaching Economics is certainly out the question.

Why doesn’t he ‘do the right thing ‘ (to use his well-worn phrase) and take himself up on his instinct to walk away from the trappings of power? It would be the greatest service he could do for his country.