Singles Night: Over Fifties – don’t miss it!

August 13, 2010

Blimey – here we are, already a week into the Edinburgh Fringe! Peter (Dave Smiff) and I are really getting our collective act together and getting some great feedback off audiences with our show Anna Nuvva-Fing, which is part of PBH’s Free Fringe.

There are some terrific shows at our venue (344) which are on before us. In particular, I love Holly Kavanagh’s Singles Night: Over Fifties. Holly is an extremely gifted actress, but also a wonderful mimic. She plays four characters in a Wakefield pub – Gemma the barmaid, Joan, Mr Gill and King of Northern Soul, Jimmy. She does all four main characters, as well as some minor ones, beautifully. Her characterisation of Jimmy is to die for; she has the self-satisfied aged bar-room Romeo down to a T, and it’s a privilege to watch the subtle and carefully observed traits that Holly uses to bring him to life.

Holly’s is a one-woman show, and she’s completely unsupported. If there are any reviewers out there reading this, I urge you to go and watch this show and give her the light of publicity that she so richly deserves.